23 Apr 2014

The most watched daytime quiz show in USA history is back in a new modern adaptation named “Fizzio”, brought to the market by Hervé Hubert and Global Agency.

Fifty-six years ago, the game show “Dotto” became a phenomenon and broke ratings records. It was one of only game shows that aired on two networks at the same time, daily on CBS, and weekly in prime time on NBC. Since then, it is still the highest rated show on US daytime television”

Hervé Hubert, one of the most successful producers in the industry, acquired the international rights for “Dotto” and is now ready to take the world by storm with the updated version “Fizzio.”

The format’s distributor, Global Agency launched the project at MIPTV and received marvelous interest from all over the world. ─░zzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said: “We are extremely excited to be representing this valuable format. We have been great partners with Hervé Hubert for the last three years and as Global Agency, we are quite happy to be the worldwide distributor of “Fizzio”, which Hervé Hubert produced. I’m glad that they have chosen us as their exclusive distributor of this unique show. I’m pretty sure this project once again will be a classic globally.”

Hervé Hubert commented : “This game show is unique and powerful because it has a very strong visual identity, and a very original game play based on the universal game that everybody played, dot-to-dot”.

About Fizzio

Get addicted to this highest rated show ever in US history!

Fizzio is based on the popular game connect the dots, but with a twist – in this game, contestants must answer quiz questions to connect the dots, and the first person to guess the image adds to their cash pot. But if they guess wrong, they are immediately eliminated!

For every right answer, the contestant adds a line on their image, but for every wrong answer, the line is added to their competitor’s image. With fast paced duels, and increasing pots, Fizzio is addictive, interactive and fun!