Original Title
Kan Çiçekleri
First Season: 201 x 1 Commercial Hour
Second Season: Ongoing Production
Kanal 7

Vendetta tells the moving story of Dilan and Baran and the marriage they are forced into to end a blood feud despite the hostility of those around them, igniting a passion that will either blossom into love or bring devastation.

Vendetta” tells the story of Dilan and Baran, and the marriage into which they are forced to end a blood feud between their families. Baran must put aside hatred of his enemies to save his brother and overcome guilt he feels over an attack that killed his mother, as he seeks to bring peace to a family baying for a revenge.

Destiny comes calling when Baran’s uncle reveals he has tracked down those who attacked his parents. But his uncle hides a terrible secret. He is laying a trap and is actually the person behind the attack, hoping to get his hands on the family fortune if Baran were to take revenge and go to prison.

When Baran finds himself incapable of killing and his brother volunteers for the task, he realizes the only way to end the feud is to marry the daughter of his nemesis. When he discovers this is Dilan, a woman he once met and was attracted to, he is torn by love of her and hatred of her family.

Despite their families’ hostility, they wed and a new life begins. Dilan and Baran gradually realize that the spark they initially felt between them is set to erupt into a powerful passion, which will either blossom into love or bring devastation.